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Best Mans Responsibilities

Best man`s responsibilities

The best man is responsible for helping the groom prepare for the big day, from helping to choose the tuxedos to making sure he gets to the wedding on time.
Traditionally, the best man is a brother, relative or best friend of the groom.

Before the wedding

  • Arranges the stag party.
  • Select a gift for the groom
  • Arranges fitting sessions for ushers and groomsmen
  • Act as a liaison for the groom’s friends and family
  • He attends the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Picks up the groom’s formal wear prior to the wedding.
  • Confirm honeymoon travel arrangements.
  • Provide transportation for the groom to get to the ceremony and from the ceremony to the reception.

The morning of the wedding

  • Help the groom dress and finish packing
  • Insure that the car is packed for the honeymoon.
  • Has the wedding rings
  • Gathers all the travel tickets, passport, money/ travelers checks ID etc. together
  • Finishes final touches to his speeches
  • Any gifts or acknowledgments
  • Checkbook or credit card for any needed payments

Ensure that the groom:

  • Trouser zip is done up
  • Face and hair are groomed
  • If vows are written, that they are on him
  • Fear and second thoughts are calmed and put to rest
  • Uses the toilet
  • Shoes are tied

At the wedding

  • Transport the groom to the ceremony location.
  • Oversees ushers at the wedding.
  • Carry an extra copy of the ceremony seating plan in case the ushers need to refer to it.
  • Ensure the officiant’s fee is delivered after the ceremony or at the rehearsal.
  • Sign the marriage certificate as a legal witness.
  • During the processional either stand at the front with the groom or proceed ahead of the groom. Walks with the maid of honor in the recessional.
  • The best man is responsible for safe keeping of the bride’s wedding ring until it is time for blessing and exchange of the rings.
  • He helps to organize groomsmen for formal photographs.

At the reception

  • Sorts out the DJ or musicians
  • The best man is seated at the head table or a table of honor.
  • Dances with the bride and her attendants.
  • The best man is in charge of toasting during the reception. Reads out cards and special mail for the bride and groom
  • He makes sure that the groom has all tickets, hotel information, traveler’s checks, itinerary etc. for the honeymoon.
  • Takes any clothes or other items that have been rented back to the hire shop. Gets suits cleaned and returned to the groom`s home.


  • The best man pays for his own formal wear and accessories.
  • If travel expenses are involved, he pays his own way, to the wedding, as well as hotel costs if necessary.
  • Gift for the bride and groom
  • Pay or help to pay for the stag party

Groom`s emergency kit

  • Aspirin
  • Comb or hair brush
  • handkerchiefs
  • Hair gel
  • Extra toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Mouthwash