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Wedding Attendants

Attendants duties

Many couples choose to do most of the work themselves i.e. Buy the clothes for the bridesmaids etc.. But the traditional way is as followsMatron of Honor (Bride’s right-hand woman)

  • Is responsible for her own gown and accessories
  • Arranges the hen party (guests, entertainment etc..)
  • Keeps a record of wedding gifts
  • Acts as official witness
  • Helps to settles the bride`s nerves
  • Helps bridesmaids on the big day
  • Holds bride’s bouquet during the ceremony
  • Looks after bride’s things at ceremony and reception
  • Assists the bride when changing from her wedding gown to her going-away clothes


  • Responsible for their own gowns
  • Assist in all pre-wedding festivities
  • Helps to prepare for the reception
  • Fill cups with confetti, rice, or rose petals to throw for the getaway
  • Decorate the cars

Best Man (Groom’s right-hand man)

  • He’s responsible for his tuxedo
  • Makes sure the groom arrives on time
  • He sees that ushers’ function runs smoothly
  • Gives toast and speeches at ceremony and reception
  • Pays the officiant’s fee
  • Keeps rings, license, and honeymoon tickets
  • Acts as toastmaster at the bridal table
  • Plans for reception exit transportation


  • Responsible for their own attire
  • Involved in all ceremony festivities
  • Greet all guests at the ceremony, ask which family they represent and seat them accordingly.
  • Unrolls the aisle runner after the bride’s mother is seated

Flower Girl

  • Precedes the bride, tossing flower petals down the aisle

Ring Bearer

  • He walks down the aisle carrying the ring secured to a satin pillow